founded in 1971, it has become one of the leading precision engineering industries in Italy.

The company specializes in the production of ball valves, TOP ENTRY SIDE ENTRY and trunnion mounted, is known provider of the largest companies in the oil, chemical and major refineries in the world.


The company

NUOVA D.L.M. VALVO s.r.l. since 1971 it has specialized in the marketing, design and production of valves for multiple uses.
The pursuit of total customer satisfaction, has led us to diversify the offer of our products and services. Our products find applications in the energy and petrochemical industry, in mining and gas storage,in the marine industry, in industrial processes in general.

NUOVA D.L.M. VALVO s.r.l. supports customers from the preliminary stages of the project to the product completion, ensures on-site assistance for installation and maintenance.

The operating conditions of our valves can be standard, at room temperature for non-corrosive fluids, or special applications such as cryogenics, low temperature, high temperature, corrosive fluids, gases etc.

Thanks to the ongoing commitment to improve our skills and experience, we were able to establish ourselves as a manufacturer of high quality valves, obtaining certifications and approvals such as: ISO9001, API6D, PED, ATEX, TA-LUFT, FIRESAFE, SIL3.

Example of Side Entry
Example of Gate Valve